aggregates vehicle data from car dealerships throughout the United States that subscribe to our services. These dealers provide data through their website provider or third party inventory management company. This data is combined to present to you the consumer via this website, a near to live look at the availability of current inventory listed on the dealership’s website free of charge.

Our servers refresh data at different intervals throughout the day to update current offerings available. Sold vehicles are removed from our listings typically within 24 hours so you are not viewing unavailable vehicles, this information is provided by our data providers.

Our goal is provide you choices through our platform that allow you unbiased data which is informative enough to assist you in your purchase decisions. The Vehicles presented are never sorted in order of highest paying dealerships or certain dealership subscriptions, however they will appear from Highest to Lowest Price until "Sort Listing" changes. Our platform allows you to sort and isolate our data in many different ways to see the offering that fit your needs.